School Information

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School Information

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Refunds on a case by case basis

No double runners allowed – see Parents Corner

No make-up lessons

Parents / spectators are not allowed in hockey boxes during classes

Class sizes are limited

  • Little Folks 1 & 2 limited to 7
  • All other classes limited to 10

No practice area offered with lessons

-No one allowed on the ice without skates

If you’re unsure of the correct class placement for your skater – call director at 651-283-4467
NOTE – All skaters are accessed the first day of each session to assure they are at the appropriate level

Class Descriptions

Hockey Skating Dynamics
**Formerly Mite Development

Development of basic skating skills Skater must be able to skate independently
Attire: Helmet, shine pads.  No stick
Ages 4+

Development for forward and backward skating, turns, balance and correct skating technique
Attire: Full gear and stick
Ages 4+

Advanced work on edges, quickness, balance & skating technique.
Attire; Full gear and stick
Ages 6+

Little Folks 1
No skating experience
Ages 3-5

Little Folks 2
Can get up & skate unassisted
Ages 3-5

Little Folks 3
Skate the width of rink independently
Ages 3-5

Beginner 1
Little or no experience
Ages 6 & up

Beginner 2
Can skate unassisted
Ages 6 & up

Pre Alpha
One Foot Glides, Skate width of the rink, beginning of a snowplow stop

Forward Stroking, Froward Crossovers, Snowplow Stop

Backward Crossover & T-Stops

Gamma / Delta
Basic Edges, edges, mohawks, lunges, bunny hops

Basic jumps & spins following ISI curriculum

Private Lessons

Contact director Barb Yackel to for more information and scheduling your skater